Sentell Pickups
Here's what some of our customers had to say about there experience with
Sentell Pickups.  If you have had the pleasure of trying out one of our pickups
or had one rewound and would like to add a review please email us at
admin@sentellpickups.net and we will add your review or pictures to this page.  
Hi Jerry,

I received the pickup and installed it yesterday.  Nice job it sounds great!  It
looks like you pay attention to detail in your work too.  It is slightly darker
than I remember it, but not enough to bother me, more like just enough to
give it its own character.  It really sings on the high gain stuff, which is
what I mainly use the guitar that I installed it in for.  It balances nicely with
the stock neck p-100.  I'll be sending you another one in a month or so.

Pat Flanigan
I got the pickup today, put it in my SG.  It sounds great! Thanks so much!


"The twin blade you made for
me is excellent, exactley what
I wanted to hear from my
axe.  Lows are good and
heavy, highs are perfectly
sustainable and everything in
the middle, great job putting
this pickup together."
Cheers to your crew.
Thanks again,
Rochester, NY
"I needed to get two German Humbuckers out of my 1965
Kapa Electric guitar rebuilt, so, my son and I went on a
search of the internet for a rewinding site.  We found
Sentell and we were both so impressed with the website
that I gave them a call.  I'm very glad I did.  Jerry rewound
the pick-ups to a
kick butt , better than original state and
Christine kept in very good touch with me, through
emails, about what was going on with the rewinding
process.  I would recommend Sentell to any player who
wants a better sound, or just needs some old pick-ups
fixed, like I did."
A very Happy Customer,
Larry Hilton
New Mexico, USA
"Feeling reluctant to have my vintage DeAromd's
rewound,  I stumbled upon Sentell Pickups and
Rewinding Services whose name came up on a simple
internet search.  After consulting with Jerry two or three
time, what the heck...I decided to go for it.  The price was
right I thought.
I gotta tell you, I shipped the pair of pickups out on the 4th
of March and got them back on two weeks later!  Is that
fast enough for you?  It was for me.  
The pickups belong in a 1963 Guild Starfire III that I've
been re-united with recently.  I haven't heard it in 30
years..  When I plugged it into my vintage Bandmaster
head and heard the sound coming out of the 2 x12 cab I
was astounded.  I got the biggest grin on my face that I've
worn in 30+ years.
It is now the most articulate guitar that my ears have
heard in decades.  What a refreshing change from sterile
flat sounding humbuckers!  Whew.
The Starfire is admittedly a bit of a wreck  but now will get
refinished at some point.
I took a chance on Sentell and Jerry......you made me a
believer.  When he says that "You'll be glad you
did"...............oh yeah.
Thanks Much,
Boston, MA.
Hi  Jerry,

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent job on the
es >> 347 spotlight pickup. It is perfect.

Thanks again,
Len Hirsch
Oceanside, NY
I purchased a set of custom wound Fender
Humbuckings from you. It took a while to round up the
other parts, but I picked it up 12/31 ans several friends
& I were able to check it out at my favorite music store
in Houston, Tx. Everyone, including me, were blown
away by the full, rich sound of the pickups. Even the
lutherier who assembled the Telecaster wanted the
information on how to orders pickups from y'all. So
you should have an increase in business from Texas.

Thanks again, your pickups are the best in my book
and I have guitars with the two other "Major pickup
brands ; yours blow them all away!

John Latch
Jerry, I put the pickups in my Les Paul. I have to be honest with you, I do not
think you were honest with me about the quality. THESE ARE
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe how musical they sound,
my guitar has an almost etheral sound to it now. I am so thrilled. Thank you,
and again Thank you. I am so impressed, I have already contacted some of
my friends who make their living playing and suggested to them your work.
Thank you again.

David, NC
[Perceived output level]  Hot pickup [Tone]  Good balance with great clarity.  Not as
twangy as original, but it was harsh on the treble side.  Clear even when pushed.
[Sonic evaluation]  Amp is Laney GC-50A... 65 watts, 12 inch speaker.  It's got a nice
overdrive feature. This pickup sounds good.  Amp is solid state but produces tube
like clear tone.  The pickup is much clearer than the original, or the two remaining
squire PUs. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable]  I play classic
rock, mostly clear leads.  Mix of rhythms, groove a lot of stuff.  Kick in the overdrive
sometimes when I'm lazy and don't want to worry about my technique. I've been
playing acoustic guitar for years.  Got an electric recently and changing my style.  I
choose this one as a trial, since I'd sent a bass pickup to Sentell to be rewound
anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised by this overwound PU.  They run deals monthly
on their pickups. Will wind to your specs/ hand or machine.  Great value for the
Anonymous review of Beefstack pickup
Amazing Pickup!Very good on my Gibson RD!Strat sound!

S07 pickup (single coil that fits in a Humbucker slot)
sweet tone--excellent pickup

Review of Anomaly pickup
Hey Jerry,

just wanted to let you know i got them installed and they sound great! as
expected ! great job! i like the pickup you sent its alittle more edgey too!

Thanks,  Ronnie Ray,TEXAS
I just purchased a blue humbucker for the bridge, and a HB sized
single coil for the neck - was completely blown away by the
quality of these pickups. I have had Bare Knuckles, Fralin sets,
many Seymour Duncans, Gibson BBs, DiMarzio, and many stock
pickups. These are as good as anything I have heard. They sing
with a lot of depth. Can't recommend more - especially at their
prices. They are cheaper than SDs, yet sound as good as
expensive Fralins!!!

Regards, Dave.            
June 27,2012
Christine & Jerry,

Got the pickups yesterday as promised – thanks!
I installed them in the guitar this morning, and they are great!  

There is a certain sound that a Capri has (much better than
current models, IMO), and with the rewound bridge pickup it’s
exactly as it should be.

Thanks for your prompt turn-around and impeccable
workmanship – second to none.  I’m sure that the guitar’s owner
will be very happy.

Got the pickups and got them put in.  What can I say but; crisp
clear, warm and harmonic.  True to the the classic sound you
would expect from a 50/60 year old blues guitar.  Thank you
sooo much for the great set of PAF pickups. to buy pickups
from anyone else would just be insane.

57/59 set of chrome Humbuckers for ES-175      August 11,2012

I have been playing my guitar for a while now and I am very pleased
with the great sound and building quality of theses pickups!
The distortion humbucker was right what I was expecting, powerful,
articulated and with a great definition, surprisingly resistant to external
noise also!
The vintage single coil is amazing, it is punchy and crystal clear as you
would expect!
The T-34 is an awesome Pickup! I'm using a 6 way switch to get
different combinations and each of them are sounding great!
I would totally suggest people using this pickup in the neck with a
switch, It give infinite possibilities for different styles and tastes.
The different combinations blends like a charm with the vintage single

I'm very happy with my purchase and I would clearly make business
again with you guys.
Special thanks to Christine and Jerry for their patience and attention to
my needs.

Thank you very much!
Québec, Canada
Ah......yeah....I'm a believer. I have been searching a long time to find a
Jazzmaster pickup that not only warms up and takes the edge off of these
guitars but is also completely noiseless while truely maintaining the vibe only
a Jazzmaster can provide. Jerry, my friend, you have absolutely NAILED it
on this one!! Build quality is as top notch as possible and, let's be honest it
looks amazing in my guitar. I'll be answering a lot of questions to the guitar
geeks in the front row the next time I play this one out, that's for sure. I can't
thank you enough for your mad genious and attention to detail!!!!
Dan Hinz/Maritime
I've only bought one pickup from you so far, but I had to write to let you know
I watch your pickup development on ebay. When people ask me who makes
good pickups, I tell them Jerry Sentell makes good pickups. Other "makers"
buy parts and wind pickups, but only you are innovating and designing new
styles and configurations of pickups. When a player wants a unique sound, I
tell them to look into your designs. I can see in your designs when you've
had to make bobbins and baseplates and polepieces, and had to custom cut
your magnets. The "single coil" pickup with six individually wound coils
comes to mind first. I appreciate the fact that you are turning out pickups that
the world has never seen before. I look forward to a list of album credits that
named the songs that could not have been recorded with any other pickups
but yours. Thank you for pushing out the envelope on guitar pickup designs.
Keep innovating, and I'll keep buying what I can afford of yours.
Respectfully, Chuck

My name is John and I've bought several of your
pickups. The pair in my Flying V Baritone are
phenomenal. It sounds like no other guitar on the

What do you say when you take a chance on a relatively
unheard of Pickup maker? I don't know, but I took a shot. And
literally it was the look that caught my eye.

I was in the middle of prototype build of a new Bass model for
my shop 812GUITARS (that looks like it was straight out of the
early 50's). But my problem was I didn't like any of the pickups
on the market.   Either the price was way too high or the Pickup
looked poorly built.  Then a chance find online of SENTELL
changed everything. The "P-51" was a very honestly built Bass
Pickup. Cloth wires, Bakelite fiberboard bobbins (made in
house), and combination paraffin bees wax "potting". And the
selling point was the giant Alnico II pole pieces that looked like
they could break a car window!

I ordered it and once I had it in hand I completed my build,... And
was blown away!!! The response was quick and precise. Tone
went from classic "rolled/warm" James Jamerson to "Pop/Slap"
treble happy. Connected with my TSW pedals (Verbal Diarrhea
and Boston Fuzz) I had excellent control of my tone. The ability
to go from mellow Sting songs to railing Lemmy from Motorhead
was a treat in itself! And this is a Single Coil folks!!!

But my favorite part was the smell. Not many people realize that
Guitar parts do smell. This had a vintage stink that was as
pungent as sticking your head in a VW Beetle in the middle of a
hot Summers day.

I'm Chavez Owner/Luthier of "812GUITARS".   SENTELL
Pickups impressed me enough that they are officially used on

Hi Jerry & Christine.
I just wanted to tell you that I got the guitar up &
running yesterday that I purchased the pickups
from you for,  I will say that they are wonderful! I
got everything I was after & they sound great in
all areas & look fantastic.  I found myself running
up my driveway after work because I so excited
to play them again.. I build quite a few guitars &
will be back soon. Thank you so much for the
great deal!
January 2014
Had to write and submit a photo of my new piece
with one of your gold foil p90s in it. I had gotten it
on a leap of faith while I was shopping for old
japanese gold foils. I read the description and I had
to give it a shot. My tech and I were mega pleased
and I had to pass it along.  I look forward to trying
some of your other pickups. I'm including some
photos for the site.

Its a Squier 51 body,  Fender MIJ 50s V neck, a
vintage dimarzio paf pro in the bridge, Wilkinson
half tele bridge, wired with a 4way rotary switch
(neck, neck and tapped bridge, neck and bridge,
bridge) and a push pull phase switch. The tones
are endless.

Thanks again!

Jess in NY
Hey Jerry-

You made a couple of P-90s for an SG that I had Woody Boyd working on for me.
Pardon my language but HOLY S**TBALLS ARE THESE SOME F***ING
AWESOME PICKUPS. Sorry. That's was out of line, but I can't express how
awesome these things are without using a s**tload of expletives.

Thanks again for the great work on the P-90s. This is a violently good guitar now,
thanks to you.

March 2014
I put the NC-17 in my acustic just above the bridge,sounds great ,captures the
harmonics and fullness
exactly of the guitar, KILLER
Pat Emil lead guitarist of The Square Cools
Hi Christine,

The pickup arrived safely on Friday and has since been installed. WOW! The difference
is incredible, it's solved all of the issues I had with the single coil pickup and made the
tone even sweeter! Thanks to yourself and Jerry for your excellent service, I'll be sure to
recommend you to all! :)

Many thanks,

Hey Jarry.   Just wanted to thank you again for the great pickup.  I asked for a Red
Rhodes/Clarence White Velvet Hammer style pickup and that is exactly what you delivered.  
All the Snap n Twang  I could ask for and then down to SRV classic tone with just the neck.  
I'm a Happy Boy!

From the 57 PAF's for an ES-175 to the Velvet Hammer for a 52 RI Tele, you delivered just
what I asked for/Nedded.   Thank you my friend!

Sincerely you costumer/friend for life.

The only down side to this is now I've got to have you make me a bridge pickup because
beside your neck pickup. This Fender 62 RI bridge just sucks!


Just to let you know the pickup is amazing!

I wish I had had the budget to do the bridge too as the neck pickup you guys did smoked it!



Hello! That's my baby melody maker
2011 Gibson with your great pickup
Black'n'Blue in bridge.
Great sound with the feel of art!!!!  
Thank you!!!

comix pasha

Out the park again man!  You
pickup kicked the s*** out of
a Lollar!  Customer will be
by tomorrow and he's
chomping at the bit to crank
with his axe.

Hi Jerry,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for
dispatching my new middle single coil
Nighthawk pickup to the UK.

There is nothing available as an aftermarket
pickup alternative for the middle position on a
Nighthawk and then I stumbled on your site!
The stock pickup in my Epiphone Nighthawk
was very hot, almost like a stacked single coil
and lacked a certain Fender "quack".

Well your replacement has all of that and it's
fantastic. It works brilliantly alongside the
Seymour Duncan '59 I have at the bridge and
when I split it it's like having a Strat in my

So many thanks. I'll happily recommend you
to others!


I dropped my Fender Jaguar off to have the new
pickups installed immediately after picking them
up from you (mostly because I don't trust my
soldering skills), and picked the guitar up today;
the new pickups sound monstrous!  What was a
weak, thin, noodly sounding guitar previously is
now powerful, dense, and punchy as hell!  Even
with the pickups higher output I can still get a
nice high-end "jangle" and "shimmer" through
my AC30 (both clean and overdriven),
and even a nice bit of top-end "sparkle" with
both pickups on playing clean through my Mesa
Triple Rectifier (which is quite a feat in and of
itself). The stock Fender MIJ pickups lacked any
depth, were anemic, and squealed like the
proverbial pig when any serious distortion was
applied, but now they're authoritative, full,
cutting, and immense!

Thanks again...I'll be hitting you up for a new set
for my Jazzmaster next.

Kelly T.
December 2014
Here it is, the first experiment from JD
Custom Stereo Guitars, featuring
Sentell pickups:

Thanks for doing what you do, man! I
felt so lucky when I stumbled upon the
split coil pickup you make, and even
luckier that you would custom wind two
more for the neck and bridge. I am very
grateful that you were able to
contribute to the success of this
experimental project. I will definitely be
utilizing more Sentell pickups for future
-Jared D.
Thank you, it sounds fantastic! My 75 year old lap steel will be
played, not hang on the wall. There is one exactly like mine in
The Music Box in Lodi, on the wall. They recommended you to
fix the pickup, I will tell them what a great job it was!
Thanks again,  John

March 2015
A big thank you to Jerry
Sentell of Sentell Pickups for
my new multi-coil
pickups.Hands down the best
bass pickups I have ever heard.

Sentell mini Humbucker in the
neck and the Sentell Tele pick up
in the bridge position.  Sounds


I finally got around to replacing my Fender Bass V pickup with the one you built
for me, and what a difference. It sounds great now! It fit right into the original
pickup covers and was built exactly as I indicated on the drawing I sent, as was
the Electric Mando pickup I had you fabricate. In fact all the pickups you worked
on and fabricated for me turned out perfect. Thank you very much for your
attention to detail and craftsmanship. I am always working one some kind of
guitar build and or repair so I will be sending more work to Sentell Pickups soon.
In fact I don’t plan to ever buy a “factory” pickup again as long as you continue to
fabricate them.

Scott Nordhoff
just installed your pickup into my 51
frankenstein bass.  my lindy was
sounding real thin and your pickup gave
me the oomph i needed.  thanks for
making great stuff.


Jerry is the Willy Wonka of pickup making, and the custom would set i requested is
amazing, and possibly the best set i ever heard or used. He also must be related to
the Flash because he got them done quick! There will be more orders for
these...Thanx Jerry!

David Bernroth
Hi Christine, tell Jerry that I received the pickup today, have done some testing and I
guess I can say this is the best pickup available for pedalsteel today !!!! Sounds just
fantastic. Jerry Sentell, Thanks a lot for making great pickups! I will for shure spread
the word around......!

Thanks again

Hi Jerry, had my HB 22 humbuckers
installed this weekend with a set up.
Unbelievable, round, syrupy, full tone
on this. It's now a very dynamic guitar
that's worthy of pro rock. Cheers! -Mike
Hi Jerry....

I just received the rewound Rick horseshoe pickup in the mail and I'm
way-impressed.  You did a beautiful job, very professional, quick and not as
expensive as I'd first thought it may be.  If you ever need a recommendation,
feel free to put my name on that list!   

Thanks very, very, much!  /// Mike Kolb, Sheridan, OR
January 2016
Hey Christine
I finished reassembling my old Rickenbacker 4001 together today, and am
VERY pleased with the job Jerry did. The pickup sounds great!
Please let him know how happy I am with the job.

Thanks for everything!
Hello Jerry,

The pickup arrived today and I just wanted to thank you for the speedy
delivery.  I have just dropped it into my bass and wired it up as per your
diagram. I am blown away by the sound and output of the B-18 - plenty of
midrange and a full bottom end. My short scale now sounds as good as my '51
Ri P Bass that I (foolishly) sold a few years back. I'm very happy with the
pickup. Thanks again Jerry.


May 2016
Dear Christine
Thank you.
I'm very happy. It was a good day today.
Sentell PUs's a very valuable goods.
The quality is superb, but also very good service.
I think that such a spirit will be accepted so in Japan.
In reality I'm very proud to friends.
Friends are longing to your goods.
Fender, Lindy and Duncan is not at all.
Senntell Brand what I want to more developed in Japan.
I am also a purchase.
Thank you, really thank you.
Thank You!!! Jerry Sentell!!!!!..... I Played The new Jackson for
Over an Hour this Morning..(Made a Video that I can't upload for
some reason?) The Pick Ups are Absolutely 100% of What I
wanted..-in every way, shape, and form!!!! Every.."SOUND"....or
Successions of.."SOUNDS"...is
has.."personality".... EXACTLY PERFECT MAN!!!...The Guys @
Sam Ash...kind of..'Thumbed their noses at it"....which made me
laugh a little....because It just so seems...That EVERY Guitar
Player these days is looking for the.."Hottest, most Ignorant Sound"
Imagineable....and that is NOT Me at all..... I Make, Build, and
Set-Up Guitars to be able to....Blend!!!! with the other Instruments,
and to be....distinclly...Heard!!! Not a bunch of Noise &
Distortion...that is un-deciephrable... Perfect Man!! A+ Job Brother!
Brother, I finally had a few gigs to
put it through the ringer, and I gotta
say, this Mini P90 is a freekin
baller. A rock 'n roll twang machine.
Best bridge pickup I've ever heard.
BruceEasy Wilt :Jerry Sentell...Brother!..the MORE I play that Guitar w/ your
pick-ups in it...The funner it gets...You know, back in 85-86??...I never dreamt I
would have a sound like that!...or that it was even possible...and as time went on
and on... I zero'd into what I "perceived" to be The Sound I was looking For...and I
am VERY Eccentric, and a perfectionist on Sound. What this Guitar accomplishes
is nearly the Impossible for the $$$ spent on it. I could see the 50-s thru early
70's versions of Strats. Tele's. & Les Paul's....achiieving it...but, not this....dream
come true man
Now that's an interesting pickup! Made by
Jerry Sentell of Sentell Pickups the primary
feature are the polepieces of three different
sizes (3/8ths-3/16ths). The sound is
balanced so well that it sounds like it's
running thru and EG board that's been
"Scooped". This was the first which now
resides with a very happy customer.  As a
side note this thing was a drunken thought.
Jerry was cool enough to give it a shot and
it's a winner!
Thanks to the quality of Jerry Sentell pickups
my builds got better. Too many pickup makers
are identical and you need to make an
instrument around them. Jerry's stuff is the
opposite. I find myself pushing boundaries
rather than being pegged by them. It also
helps that he's as crazy as I am. I hate working
with stuck up pricks. Lol!!!!!!
-Chris Matos
I just got the pickup today and went down to my
tech's house and had it put in.
I must say...I took a chance on this and I'd say it is a
Looks and sounds great! Slanted pole pieces are
perfectly centered under the strings.
I'll be back for my next custom job!
Much appreciated.
Mini-humbucker for a Yamaha SC600
Here is a picture of my Yamaha SC600 with the
Sentell Mini-humbucker installed.
I gotta say...I've had it in there for a couple weeks
now and....
This thing sounds GREAT! I can't put it down! You
hit this out of the park!
It surpasses expectation. You even matched the
pole piece size to the stock pickups.
You made this rare Japanese baby sound as good
as it looks.
Thanks again!
Mike Norris
Trashmaster. It wails. A distressed (to say the least)
Squire Jazzmaster, with a Sentell Pickups Spacemaster
humbucker in the neck, and a Green Golem JM style in
the bridge (dig in the clear top showing the green wire).
Set up with The Gabriel Tenorio String Co JM
Super10s, and plays damn fine.
I received the pickup and
installed it today. This thing
sounds great! Very clear and a
perfect replacement for my
music master.
This pickup is awesome!  
Gives me the highs and pinch
harmonics that I was looking
for.  This is a Dommenget
guitar from Europe just like the
one Matthias Jabs plays.  It
did not have the 300.00
muscle bucket in it when I
bought it.  It's like night and
day difference!

A7V pick-up
I can't thank you enough for the great job
you did on my '40s DeArmond "Monkey on a
Stick"! A basket case that now sounds
great! Great work, quick service and, a
really great price. Thanks!!
After isolating some ground noise
problems that were created due to the
lack of fully shielded  weakass
humbucking coils from the factory...
Stock PU's were fully housed in nickle
casing, grounded to the braided wire.  
They were quiet AND weak!

Now that the GORN &  SNAKE
CHARMER are installed, that Epiphone
bass KILLS!
Way more FOCUS.  Tonal range,
accuracy and response.
Not to mention the LOOKS!
I couldn't more happy with the fine work
you've done for me.
Thank you so much.
Steve Ivy
American Standard Strat I
bought in 1988. Been single
pickup for several years.  This
one I found on your eBay store
makes the perfect sound for
the position. Good work.

T. Escobedo
I had my Nighthawk modded
with a Dayhawk a while back
& WOW!! That thing is
incredible!! Perfect tone, no
noise!! I don't know how y'all
did it, but it gets a big thumbs
up from me!!
-Satisfied customer
Hi, Thanks for the P-90
humbucker! SOUND LIKE A
BEAST on my Gibson Les
Paul Junior project!!
-Satisfied customer

Hey y’all, just wanted to show
you the guitar the Horseshoe
went in. Amazing work!
-Satisfied Sentell Pickups