Check back each week to see some of the current pickups we are working on.  
Pickup for Mandolin

8.4k ohms
Alnico V rod magnets
Handwound with 43 awg
Fiberboard flatwork
Two conductor cloth hookup wire

10.2k ohms
30mm string spread
37mm across top,18mm wide, 16mm deep mounting holes are 43mm apart
Alnico- II rod magnets
Two conductor hook-up leads
Black fiberboard flatwork
Wax potted
Toploading springs and screws included
This type of pick-up can be used with  separate hookups to get more sound/tone out of certain strings
(most commonly the bass strings)
Pick-up can also be used for Cigar box
Custom versions of this pickup can be built to fit your instrument


8.4k ohms
1/4" diameter Alnico V magnet
42 awg
Handwound / Wax potted

This pickup was made for a one string bass guitar
you can solid mount it anywhere you want a little extra
can be customized for your application


Two different guages of
magnet wire wound at the
same time.  Check this one out
on our one of a kind page.
replacement for mudd bucker

Alnico V magnets south to strings
11.1K ohms
Two conductor cloth pushback wire
Wax Potted