Stacked Humbucker
For Champion
lap steel

15.3 K 0hms
Al-3 Slugs
Sonic CLEAN tone
Wax potted to remove
unwanted feedback
Pick-up comes shielded with coil tape
Pickup OHMS are approximate as pickups are wound when
ordered.  All the pickups here can be altered to customers needs-
including wire gauge,magnet type, color, string spacing and hook
up leads.

1/4"deep 1 1/4" wide x 3 3/4" long
11.8 K ohms
43 AWG
Wax Potted
Two conductor leads  

Single coil pickup for Console Grande
steel guitar

5.4k ohms
Fiber board bobbin
Magnetic pole south to strings
Handwound w/ formvar for vintage tone
Eight Alnico V slugs
Two mounting screws included

Single coil pickup works in 1950 BR-9
Lap Steel Guitar

8.1k ohms
Fiber board bobbin
Magnetic pole south to strings
Handwound w/ formvar wire for
vintage tone
Six  plated steel slugs
Plate included
Two Alnico III bar magnets
Tennessee Honey

P90 Type Soapbar
w/ 58mm String spread
for Lap Steel

4.3 K ohms
41 AWG Heavy Formvar
Two Alnico III magnets
south to strings
Two conductor with extra
ground wire to plate
Handwound / Wax Potted


Same as the NC-17
except built to your string spread

10 String Steel Guitar Pickup

1 7/8" wide
4 3/4" long
3/4" Tall
20 Alnico V rods
Four conductor humbucker
13.8 k ohms
Handwound with 42 awg
3/8" string spacing
one coil is 7k ohms the other is
6k ohms to give your stringed
instrument more tone versatility
Comes pre-linked for
Stringmaster- type

42 A.W.G
Wax potted,  Alnico V slugs
black fiber board.
Cloth pullback wire
Handwound/ wax potted
Cover not included

Various string spacings available
to best suit your instrument
7.9 K OHMS
Six Alnico II rods
Handwound / Wax Potted
fastens like a P-90
Mounting screw holes are located
between the E&A / B&E slugs
Dimensions are 29.5mm wide,
85.2mm long
Shipping cost included in the buy it now
buttons are for USA if yours is an
international order please email us at for shipping
prices to your country.
Eight string
Will work in Fender 400

10.8k ohms
Handwound with 42 Awg
65mm string spread
100mm long x 38mm wide x 11mm high
Eight Alnico V rod magnets
Handcrafted Fiberboard flatwork
Two conductor hook-up leads
Wax potted
Hi Christine, tell Jerry that I received the pickup today, have done some testing and I guess I can say this is the
best pickup available for pedalsteel today !!!! Sounds just fantastic. Jerry Sentell, Thanks a lot for making great
pickups! I will for shure spread the word around......!

Thanks again

Blade solid mount

55mm string spread
10.6K ohms
After trying out the different magnet options
for this blade pick-up the Cer-5 magnet
came out best for sound quality
North to strings
Fiberboard bobbin
Measurements: baseplate 4-1/8" long
pickup 11/16" deep & 1-1/2" wide
Thick aluminum baseplate with ground wire
Two conductor cloth pushback wire
Wax Potted

12.4K OHMS
Alnico V
south to strings
Four conductor hook-up wire
Extra ground wire to blade
80mm long blade will
accommodate most string spreads
P-90 soapbar cover
Mounting screws included
Handwound / Wax Potted


13.1k ohms
Eight quarter inch Alnico 5 slugs
Handwound with 42 awg
2  7/8" string spread
3 7/8" long x 1 1/2" wide x 3/8" deep
Cloth pushback wire
Wax potted
Brass flathead mounting screws included
Customized versions
of this pick-up also available

I had Jerry custom wound my LS-10 to 8k ohms. It improved the clarity over the
stock pickup in my Fender 1000 pedal steel. It sounds more like a Stringmaster.
Ordered another wound to 7.5k for the second neck. Great quality at a great price!
Tim W.

10 String Pedal Steel
Modeled after Emmons student model
11.2k ohms
42 awg
Ten Alnico V rod magnets
Top is 3 ply pickguard material
Two conductor hook-up wire
Wax potted

Soapbar cover with Nine Alnico Rods

9.4K ohms
Handwound with 42awg
52mm string spread
Nine Alnico V rod magnets  south to strings
Two conductor
Mounting screws included
Wax Potted
Sidewound Blade
3-7/8" Blade
EMG 2 hole mount cover
4.50" long x 1.50" wide x .895" deep
12.2K Ohms
Alnico V magnets south to strings
Four conductor hook up wire with an
extra ground wire to blade
Pick-up comes prelinked for

Dogear Style Eight String

13.4K ohms
Stingmaster string spread
Sixteen Alnico V rod magnets
Four conductor hook-up leads
Wax Potted
Standard dogear size
4-5/8" Long x 1-5/8" Wide

Jsg Damn
after playing it all night I can't believe how much it improve the sound! It add lot of bass and the signal is stronger, the
original signal sound very thin in comparison, and imagine it's already the best pedal steel tone, now it's better than
that!!! I have blend pot like a stringmaster. The bridge is always at 100% and you gradually add the neck pickup. I like
50% neck pickup for E9 to keep a bright tone and 75% on the C6 neck. If I play Hawaiian music I put the neck pickup at
100% to have a very fat tone!!!
Eight String Single coil
Stringmaster style
will work in Fender 1000

7.5k ohms
Eight Alnico V slugs
Handwound / Wax potted
No claw required
$70.00 each